Cobb Hill Windows

Boston based Cobb Hill Shoes approached me with a dilemma, they had their fall collection window display in New York and needed my help. The catch is that I had less than 48 hours to complete it from concept to execution with a limited budget.  That's where my old window display reflexes kick in. With a quick wish-you-were-here travel theme in place, we whipped out a window with a parcel packages, airmail stickers, polaroids, and a road atlas papered floor.


Ye Olde English Firetruck

I was commissioned by Chandelier Creative to make this oversize replica of an old english firetruck inspired by the design and architecture of the lovely Chiltern Firehouse, and presented to Andre Balazs, the Firehouses' celebrated hotelier. Fabricated out of paper, board, and decoupage, it's a playful representation of the hotels lovely details and service.

Summer Flagging

Some work-in-progress crafting for the Montauk Memphis shoot for Chandelier Creative. I combined these colorfully designed prints into an American flag remix to raise on the flagpole.